Monday, 23 October 2017

Gosh....It's Been So Long !!!!.....

Morning all, sorry I've been absent for a while.....had a busy week last week, and didn't manage to do any posts. My eldest was home for the week, so the craft room was out of I had to concentrate on doing my orders. 

Finished this pink and white crochet bear. Same as the other two they I showed the week before. Will be giving these to the customer this week. 

Took my son back to Oxford on Thursday, and as usual M25 a nightmare- both ways !! Normally takes about 2 hours to drive to Oxford. It took an extra half hour on both journeys all due to M25......when there wasn't even any accidents !! I'm sure they slow the traffic down for no reason what so ever !!

Anyway, will have more makes to show you this week, so keep popping by. 

Bye for now x

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Halloween Tea-Lights......

Morning all, as promised here are some more Halloween makes. Really simple to do. They are just orange table tennis balls, stuck onto a battery operated tea-light!! I've drawn spooky faces on them, using a black sharpie pen. Then with an orange sharpie pen have drawn the lines of the pumpkin. 

Look really good in the dark !!

That's all for now.....see you again very soon. x

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Christmas Stockings....the sequel !!!

Morning all, here is the second day of orders completed. When I had made 3 stockings for a customer and delivered them to her, I got another order for 2 more from a friend of hers. These are slightly different from the previous ones, as I bought the wool on line. 

I've also got another stocking to make for another customer, so I'm really glad that the pattern that I am using is really simple to follow !! Great to use chunky wool too as it knits up quickly.

Back to Halloween makes tomorrow, so please pop by if you can XX

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Crochet Teddies.....

 Morning all, hope your week is going great so far !!

Had a lovely time at the "cake and bake show" at Excel, London on Friday. Loads of fantastic display cakes with the theme of "great Britain". Only bought one cake thing - a star shape cookie cutter in various sizes to make a Christmas Tree, and some fudge !! Still enjoyed the day out.

I've not had any craft fairs to do until this Friday, but I've been busy catching up on orders that I've taken. Firstly, these two crochet bears for a friend, who has two seperate work colleagues that are going to grandparents. A boy and a girl (they all seem to want to know the sex of their child before it's born these days !!). I was already in the process of crocheting the white bear. My idea was to add a red ribbon for Christmas, but now I will add a pink ribbon instead !. So I then did the blue striped one.

 Same pattern for both, but look different  - how strange is that ?
More orders to show you tomorrow. 

Bye for now. x

Friday, 6 October 2017

More Spiders for Halloween......

Morning all, well already here we are the first week of October nearly over!!!!

Today, I'm going to Excel, London, for the "cake and bake show". Should be a good day out (not expecting to buy much - I hope LOL ) but it's nice to see what the latest things for sale. A spot of lunch too- will go down nicely !!

After the hectic craft fairs of last weekend, I'm not doing any until next Friday. So I've got a whole week to make more things !!!

On that note, here are some more pipe cleaner spiders.....this time attached to a pencil. Great for children to buy (as I only charge 50p per spider) with their pocket money.

I will be choosing the top 3 entries of the MAWTT challenge on Wednesday, so there's still time to enter. 

Have a good weekend. Let's hope the sun is shining and it's warm ! x

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Christmas Baubles..........

 Morning all , a quick blog today.

Here are some small knitted baubles that I've made. I had some small polystyrene balls that I had bought some time ago (I think it was well over a year LOL!!) that were just gathering dust, among all the other stuff that I've bought !! So I thought rather than use toy stuffing I would use these polystyrene balls. I did wrap a small amount of toy stuffing around the ball before sewing up just to make it feel softer.

I had the pattern for the reindeer ......

 ... and adapted it to make the snowman and robin.
See you all again soon. x

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Halloween Spiders.......

Morning all, thanks for all your lovely comments recently, it's great to hear from you.

Here are some halloween spiders. So simple to make (good one to do with children) just cut 2 orange pipe cleaners in half, then twist together to create a "body". I used a glue gun and applied a layer of glue across the whole body piece. Once dried I turned it over and glued two googly eyes on the front.

The way some of them have formed almost looks like open mouths !!

See you soon. x